Building a skyscraper, world-class hotel, retrofit, or other complex, large-scale project can generate conflicts, redundancies, and wasted money. Whether due to clashing schedules, unworkable logistics, or something else, these inefficiencies trigger delays, change orders, budget overruns, and more.

But all of this can be prevented. At a fraction of the cost of fixing an ongoing problem, you can prevent it from happening in the first place. That’s where we come in: Ziggurat’s expertise bridges your project’s technology gaps.

We’re dedicated 3D BIM experts. Our tailor-made solutions will bring your project up to speed, training your team and increasing productivity. If you’re a contractor, subcontractor, architect, or engineer, you’ll win kudos from your client, and smooth the path to completion. If you’re an owner-developer or property manager, you’ll hold your team members accountable, relish the savings, and enjoy a more seamless finished result.

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Our Clients

We first used the system during the design development drawing phase of a project, with a second round of review conducted during the construction document phase. Since most of the conflicts are discovered and solved during the drawing preparation stage, carrying the system forward to the shop drawing review and preparation stage will result in considerable savings in review and drawing time. We always found the Ziggurat staff to be cooperative, well prepared and knowledgeable. They achieved quick turnaround times from the receipt of the consultant's drawings to plotting and graphical presentation of the conflicts for review.

I would highly recommend the Ziggurat system for any construction project and cannot imagine proceeding on another project without its use.

Ronald U. Noll, Vice President of Construction, Zeckendorf Development LLC

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