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11 April 2011

3D Coordination of a retrofit project in Manhattan's financial district

This is a small project in terms of total area however, the developer faced multiple challenges which Ziggurat helped resolving.

  1. The five story office building was being converted into a 19-story luxury residential building through the creative application of zoning.
  2. The developer was looking to optimize the use of space in the units
  3. The developer wanted to maximize benefits from preliminary design process that was never completed before it was stopped during the 2008 financial downturn.
  4. Once ownership changed hands - design and planning gained steam and the new developer chose to modify the original plans.

Ziggurat was useful in converting all existing 2D design documents into a 3D model, and by so enabling the developer and design/build team to better visualize the project and the opportunities. The 3D model was subject to coordination and clash detection analysis throughout the design process, so the end result was a 100% coordinated Construction Documents that fit well into the older space.

The developer took an extra bold step in an attempt to improve efficiency, and requested Ziggurat to model and coordinate all the project’s shop drawings so he can later request his subcontractors to bid on 100% coordinated shop drawings and by so eliminating any “surprises” in the field caused by uncoordinated systems which ultimately lead to costly change orders, construction delays and budget over runs.

The 2D design document for the retrofit project, side-by-side with the 3D model of the project, created from the 2D documents.









07 April 2011

3D Coordination of a NYC School

Ziggurat was retained to model and coordinate the project from early design stages. The project was designed using prevalent 2D softwares such as Autocad. Ziggurat converted the 2D files into 3D model using Ziggurat's proprietary solution. The conversion process was quick and simple. Another tangible benefit was Ziggurat's ability to create multiple 2D sections of the project –on the fly. These cross sections assisted the design team to better visualize and understand coordination conflicts and potential resolutions.




06 April 2011

How do we perform 3D coordination at Ziggurat

In an attempt to deliver the maximum benefits from incorporating Ziggurat Virtual coordination service, we offer useful suggestions and best practices recommendations when it comes to Virtual MEP Coordination. Our recommendations were developed upon years of performing MEP coordination across a large number of projects around the world and analysis of available case studies.

BIM and 3D coordination do not replace the basic system coordination processes performed (or not…) in construction projects for years. BIM or 3D coordination is merely a tool that can potentially improve on the skills and methods. 

17 March 2011

3D coordination, reduced risk and insurance premiums

With construction volume down and the cost of defending claims up, major insurers providing professional liability coverage to architects and engineers all plan to raise rates in 2011, according to a new market survey by Ames & Gough, an insurance broker and risk consultant.

15 March 2011

BIM and Litigation

Our friend, Gregory Arkin of CADD solutions posted a very interesting article about litigation and BIM. Most construction litigation attorneys make a considerable income filing lawsuits for errors, omissions, delays and poorly coordinated construction projects. This lucrative field of law is going to quickly decline. Well, we call it BIM.


29 September 2010

Moving Towards an "intelligent" Shop Drawings Process

The value and challenges of implementing 3D modeling for trade shop drawings at the new Dickinson School of Law (DSL) building on The Pennsylvania State University Campus. The construction manager (CM) required 3D models and drawings. The evaluation of BIM usage for construction planning was determined at the end of the Schematic Design phase. Of the RFIs reviewed only 0.5% resulted from field conflicts, and costs for field changes are less than 0.01% of the original contract value.


02 August 2010

There is such a thing called Free Lunch - with BIM NOW

For leading contractors, is your firm "locked out" of bids requiring Building Information Modeling (BIM)? Can your firm easily coordinate 3D design documents and develop coordinated shop drawings? 

"BIM NOW", a fast and easy to implement BIM service providing you with years of experience at your fingertips, by Ziggurat.



29 July 2010

Why Owners Make the Difference

It is no secret that the design and construction industry is one of the most inefficient on the planet. A number of books have identified and documented the declining productivity of every hour and dollar invested in the building process. Architects, engineers, contractors and developers have been struggling for years in an environment so fragmented, no single player can have significant influence or initiate meaningful change



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