About Ziggurat

About Ziggurat

In the $5.6 trillion construction industry, up to 15% of budget overruns can be attributed to inefficiencies in design, logistics, and project management.  Many of these are entirely preventable. That’s Ziggurat’s mission: to prevent them all.

Our range of services spans the gamut. From 3D conversion and clash detection to complete custom-built solutions, Ziggurat streamlines the efforts of the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry . We move our clients quickly and efficiently from design through construction to commissioning and to facility management.


Our Story

Our story begins where so many projects end: with coordination clashes. As experienced engineers, we saw firsthand that coordinating design the “normal” way—through trial-and-error—didn’t work.

So we invented a better way. Our revolutionary plug-in for AutoCAD and Navisworks, B4UB™, suddenly made converting 2D CAD to 3D BIM easy, accurate, and cost-effective.

Today, our expertise and services have broadened and evolved. We now boast a mastery of all the latest BIM technologies, and we can build and implement them for you either virtually, or on-site. But our mission remains the same: to help the AEC industry capitalize on the full benefits of BIM to build better, smarter, and more efficiently.


2002: Ziggurat formally established and boot-strapped by founders.

2004: We officially launched B4UB™ (“Before You Build”), providing coordination services for various large-scale construction projects.

2005: Ziggurat raises first round financing from angel investors

2006: Ziggurat successfully coordinates over 5,400,000 sf.; B4UB™ system is deployed throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States.

2008: Ziggurat’s New York City offices open; Ziggurat coordinates 10 major projects in US.

2009: Ziggurat coordinates over 70 projects in the US and EMEA markets.

2010: Ziggurat coordinates over 120 projects and 22 million sf. across the globe.

2011: Ziggurat partners with MBM Engenharia to bring our coordination solutions to Brazil.

2012: Ziggurat participates in over 200 large-scale projects; expands services beyond clash detection and coordination to full range of BIM solutions.

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