Technology Based Service


Ziggurat has technological expertise and tools to guide your project to completion more efficiently. Our engineers and architects are adept with any BIM software, and Ziggurat’s B4UB™ plug in for AutoCAD™ and Navisworks™ can convert 2D to 3D BIM easily and accurately.

Expertise in All BIM Technologies

B4UB™ Viewer

Our expert consultants are proficient in any and all BIM technologies, including: Autodesk, Bentley, Graphisopht, Revit, Navisworks, and more. No matter what software your project requires, our team knows how to get the most out of it. Complete your project efficiently, quickly, and under budget with the help of our technological expertise and insight.

Integrating Technologies for Customized Solutions

Ziggurat eliminates inefficiencies by integrating various BIM technologies to best serve your project. We understand that your project is unique and nuanced, and that’s why our services are tailor-made to your needs. Only with our mastery of the latest BIM innovations can you take full advantage of BIM technologies to build your project efficiently and cost-effectively.


Contact us to bring our elite BIM expertise and technologies to your project and start building better.

A simple to use B4UB™ Viewer enables all project participants to viewside-by-side the 3D modeling and their2D drawings of the project on their work stations and lap tops. This highly useful tool helps design teams eliminate potential errors and improve their outputs between coordination meetings.



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