Advanced BIM

As Built

On-Site Expertise and Advanced BIM Modeling

Whatever your BIM needs, Ziggurat is here to help. Our skilled consultants can augment your manpower in the field, training your team through the process. We also produce comprehensive BIM models within a quick turnaround time.

3D Safety & Logistics Plans

Streamline the approvals process with detailed 3D logistics plans. Animated or otherwise, our models will be custom-built according to your needs and specifications.

4D Scheduling & Modeling

Link your 3D BIM to the 4th dimension—time. Ziggurat will integrate your scheduling software with 3D models to keep your project on track and on time.

5D Cost Estimation & Optimization

Combine 4D models with cost-dimensions for a complete visualization of your project. Improve your Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), provide accurate cash-flow forecasts, and make managing your complex project a little simpler with Ziggurat’s 5D BIM modeling.

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