As Built

As Built

See and Manage Every Detail of Your Facilities with As-Built BIM

Closing-out a project. Preparing to retrofit old facilities. Properly equipping your facilities management team. These situations call for superior as-built models. With the experience of over 200 large-scale projects, Ziggurat can provide precisely what your project requires.

Scan Existing Conditions

Ziggurat uses cutting-edge scanning technologies to construct incredibly accurate as-built BIM models. Get a precise picture of your facilities with fully integrated BIM. We’ll perform an existing conditions scan, then integrate it with a 3D BIM of the new retrofit plans.

Convert 2D "As Built" to 3D BIM

Ziggurat’s proprietary B4UB™ technology can easily convert your existing blueprints into an integrated and interoperable 3D BIM models. B4UB™, plug-in for AutoCAD and Navisworks, B4UB™ makes 3D conversions quick, easy, and accurate, and features concurrent side-by-side views of 2D and 3D BIM. Designers and draftsmen can continue to work in their native 2D applications while reaping the benefits of 3D clash detection.

Integrate As-Built & Facilities Management Software

Our coordination experts can integrate your new as-built BIM with the Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) or Building Management Solution (BMS) system already used by your facilities management team.

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